Agricolae International10/03/2023 12:46

Synthetic meat, Pesonen (Copa-Cogeca): I trust Italian farmers more than Bill Gates


“How do we relate to these new products like synthetic meat? The legislation, from a chemical point of view, allows for these foods what it does not allow for those of agricultural origin. The second aspect is that as a European farmer, I have more faith in my Italian colleagues rather than in the patron saints of the West, those Bill Gates who put billions into technological food that we should use every day.

I'm sorry for them, but the food model we have in Europe and in particular, the Italian one, is an excellent starting point and we have no intention of giving it up. I am confident that synthetic food will be able to complement traditional food at most, in terms of market share, but will never replace it".

So Pekka Pesonen, Copa-Cogega secretary general, on the occasion of the event “The evolution of Italian and European agri-food between sustainability and well-being organized today in Rome by Withub.